Saturday, November 11, 2006


Back home now in the UK after a great trip to Oz. The final week in Canberra was interesting and incredibly busy. The picture shows some of the colourful characters I was working with.......The city of Canberra was built to function as the capital and a way to stop Sydney and Melbourne squabbling over the title. It feels a very sterile and functional place, with such a different atmosphere to other cities, such as Melbourne. Our conference was simply to gather christians from all walks of church and pray and see what God is saying over this strategic place. It was good to go there and make some valuable connections.

There seems a lot of talk and diagnostic meditation over the issue of the template of church in Australia at the moment, especially amongst some of the people I am connecting with. Many questions about church system and structures and a huge desire to see the life of Christ flood out and not be contained by the structure.....A friend of mine David Orton is making some waves, especially after writing his book 'Snakes In The Temple' which " casts a biblical vision of an awesome future for the church and speaks to the hindrances to that future". Looks like my next book to read.......

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