Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 9/10/11

We have travelled hundreds of kilometres these past few days. From Warsaw we headed up to Gdansk to the seaside, and played in Sopot which is renowned for its very long pier! Yes you learnt it here first!!

Warsaw on Sunday was busy! I didn't know, but the city is divided in 2 by a river and so we played in the east which is called Praga in a small chapel of a BIG church! It was great. The ambience cool (in the best sense of the word) and the people very, very warm and touched by the concert. I was given flowers!! We packed down amazingly quickly and sped over to the west to set up and play in another church! This was the least attended concert, maybe due to the saturation of big cities or the organisation...but those that came enjoyed it!

Then to Gdansk, to play in a large church in Sopot. Again an amazing building with stained glass windows that added to the evening aura. About 300 attended and it was a great night. Many young people came and joined in with enthusiasm especially the songs that have travelled, like 'Open The Eyes' and 'I Could Sing Of Your Love'. Some shared afterwards that they have been feeling far away from God, but tonight really spoke to them and helped them. We have also had many emails giving positive feedback from varous concerts on the tour.

So. Onwards to Kielce today, for 2 more concerts for teenagers. The first one at 9am in the morning! Who organised that?????

The climate here in Poland is changing...economically, spiritually...and I will write my thoughts later tomorrow. So tune in...

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