Monday, October 15, 2007


I have learnt that Filka is incredibly important to the Swedish people. Its a time for community, coffee and cake! I have just been teaching at a YWAM base in Restenas, Sweden on Worship, and Filka appeared very often in the timetable!!

Inbetween Filka, I had a great time with about 25 students, looking at worship and creative worship environments! Saturday was an open day for a workshop plus evening event and together we created and immersed ourselves within a multi-sensory environment for worship. It was deep, colorful, enjoyable and enlightening as we looked at various characteristics of God. I will try and post some pictures here!

Now I am back in the UK and missing...Filka!


Tim Sokell said...

Hey Sue... glad to see you are still hitting the trail in Scandinavia. Bren is currently doing gigs in old peoples' homes (in preparation for serenading me in one I guess!) I am blogging over at if you want to see the sad life I am living these days. x

Léia said...

Hi Sue, glad to hear that u r still blessing the ywam bases around the world,but also enjoying the most delcious drinkof the world...hope to see you around Brail for cafezinho time:)

Léia Lima