Friday, February 15, 2008


I was sent a book by a magazine for review. I so loved the book I thought I'd include the review in my blog!

"Crying, laughing, smiling and whispering to myself in public places are not usually my style! But this book swept me right out of my comfort zone into spontaneous and visible displays of appreciation!

Cold Tangerines is simply and profoundly about life. The sweet and sour, the truth and lies, the divine and human, the momentous and minor are all seen through the eyes and heart of Shauna Niequist who unravels her experiences and hopes through a collection of short stories.

Her journey becomes your journey as you resonate with tales of friendship and family, weddings and funerals, visions and secrets. Along the way you learn about her struggle to lose weight, her memories of a close friend who was accidentally killed, her love for celebration and her awakening as a Mother. But what makes this book so glorious is that you also learn a lot about yourself and about God.

Yes, it's Loaded with honesty, humour and vulnerability. Easy to read and re-read. Written with people in mind!"

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