Monday, April 14, 2008


What a great time! 2 weeks in Skegness! The first week I was co-leading a Worship Masterclass alongside Chris Bowater, Dave Bilbrough and Ben Cantelon. The day consisted of teaching, skills workshops and question times. It all went brilliantly. In the second week I was leading worship in the Big Top.

There were long days and snow and sleet but it was a great experience...and the musicians with me in the Big Top were wonderful! My friend Andy Booth co-led with me. From there I went to Poland for a 2 week tour but have picked up a viral infection which is pretty bad. Got the doctor in to give me huge antibiotics and medical attention and I am hoping not to cancel too much!

Right now in Nowa Sol and travel to Barlinek tomorrow! Internet access is patchy but I will try to update you.
Every time I come to Poland, I have an adventure!!!

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Anonymous said...

I remember Spring Harvest Skegness in '92...
it didn't have the same amazing freshness that Spring Harvest Prestatyn had for me in '83 and '84, as a relatively new Christian [and without a boistrous toddler to chase after then lol].

Skegness Pontins...the underpass connecting the sites ...reminds me of how my home city, B'ham, used to be.