Wednesday, May 07, 2008

U2 in 3D

What an amazing experience! Once you get past wearing those ridiculous glasses, you are virtually on stage with Bono and the boys - feeling the energy and enjoying the glow of the live performance filmed in Beunos Aires, Argentina. You strut the stage, glare at the wood finish of the guitars and almost sit at the drums with Larry! It's incredible!

This 3d thing is close up stuff! Trailers for the upcoming 'Dinosaurs' and 'Sea Monsters' movies were exhilarating! But watching U2 in concert made my heart jump! I was struck again by the simplicity of their music and how brilliantly that works for them. And I was impacted on many levels at the way a message can be communicated so effortlessly but so poignantly! Bono, of course, is a champion communicator! You only have to read his book 'Bono on Bono' to see how he breathes in the importance of justice and breathes out action and change! Throughout the concert he cleverly informs - for example about Martin Luther King - and then melodically inspires a change of heart. Love not hate, generosity not greed, peaceful co-existence not war.

If he can stir up a crowd to sing a rock anthem, maybe he can stir up a crowd to make poverty history! To me he symbolises a leather clad messenger of the cross with shades on!

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Andrew J. Booth said...

cool post. I would love to go see it sometime.