Sunday, July 27, 2008


Have you noticed how people prefer relating to screens than to faces? All kinds of screens; on laptop's, iphone's, nintendo dslite's, ipod's, television's, psp 2's - and all kinds of people; young AND not so young!

Even I have a confession here! The more time I spend on my beautiful, gorgeous, clever MAC, the less inclined I feel to talk to real people! It kind of numbs me a little. Anyone relate to that?

And how about those people who randomly flick through TV channels, watching nothing in particular, and yet get annoyed when you try and talk to them! Not to mention the times when a game on the screen is considered more exciting than an encounter with another human being! At the touch of a button we can be wildly entertained at any time of any day. It's the era of the non- stop! And is it just me that enjoys online buying so that I don't need to leave my house??? Are we getting lazy?

Now as I say, I am not faultless in this..but it seems more and more the screen is winning and humanity is losing!

Maybe we need to exercise more self-discipline to drag our eyes away from the beloved screen, or maybe we need to nurture a greater sense of respect and interest in others...but something needs to shift before we become even more relationally dysfunctional.

The screenager is alive and well on planet earth...and that's why I am posting my thoughts on a blog rather than actually talking to you!!

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Liz Babbs said...

Yep you're right and it can become an addiction... and we may be becoming screenies. But I must say I think I'm becoming more like you in terms of communicating on my laptop more. Being online with a community of other authors in the US I know means a lot to me as writing books is a tedious isolating job at times and I can't just nip round to chat to them!
Liz x