Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Much to the amusement of my friends, I have always been a fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. I try and watch it live BUT if I am busy travelling and working, I faithfully record it and watch it later.

Now, I expected great things this year with Lloyd Webber teaming up with the amazing songwriter Diane Warren. However I am sad...very sad. My heart has not gone 'boom bang a bang' at all. In fact quite the opposite! Is it only me who thinks it is a very lacklustre and clumsy, irritating tune with uninspired lyrics?

I am glad Jade is representing us though. She has the full quota of talent to be a star...but has she got enough to make this song fly??
I am relieved the UK voters saw sense and that we didn't end up with the creatively titled 'TheTwins'
What do you all think??

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