Friday, August 23, 2013


During a recent trip to Trondheim, Norway, I was dazzled by this view. Mesmerised by the calm beauty, I was daily teased and tempted to embrace it and risk the enabling of MY life-speed to be altered and re-configured.

The duty of days and diary commitments, the panic of ideas half-done and aspirations unrealised, the often enriching and at times challenging activity of living and giving creates a pace which is hard to suspend...even for a moment. 

Slow down? Think? Not think? Enjoy? Rest? For how long? What else could I be doing? These were the questions that scrambled my mind as if entertaining strangers...but soon I realised the unfamiliar pattern of stillness should not be a distant and rarely visited option but rather, an absolute necessity. Why? Well, within the stillness is not an absence but a presence. We are able to refresh the touch and awareness of our creator, soak in the wonder of such a designer and find opportunity to deepen our sense of habitation and purpose.  I now want more, not less, moments of intentional reflection and meditation - so maybe my life speed has already become slightly re-configured! My scarcity of space does have a solution, and that solution is me!

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