Friday, April 07, 2006


SH is an interdenominational Christian festival with seminars, gatherings and events and is held each year in Skegness and Minehead Butlins resort!! I had a wonderful time at Minehead leading worship in the Big Top with my international band. The days were long and exhausting but very fulfilling.... even the weather was good...with sunshine...The whole week felt real with speakers talking honestly about life and faith and the people seemed to enjoy the musical expression of worship that my band and I provided. The chalet we stayed in even had a shower this time!! I really did appreciate my musicians who learnt so many new songs and managed to follow my song leading, and even the mistakes didn't throw them off course!!


Benjamin Sternke said...

We're looking forward to having you out in September, worship-leading mistakes and all!

Doughie said...

I was there at Spring Harvest - no mistakes were heard, the new songs workshop was brilliant, the worship was great an uplifting, There are 3 new songs we are hopeing to introduce from our music group, thank you for signing my music book, and I hope i didnt embarrass you when I asked to be introduced on the last evening as you were packing up, you seemed distracted, but it was the end of a very busy week, and lots of hard work by you and your excellent band.

Sue Rinaldi said...

no probs, sorry about distractions, always lots to pack up and i could easily forget something!! Great u had a good time and learnt new songs to take home..

RolandBrat said...

Hi Sue
Jason Saxy-Parker had a ball at Minehead with you - thanks for looking after him...the wee mite!
I was enjoying Kate Silber at Skeggy as usual.
Have a Bud on me! See you sometime.

David (Brattle), Lisburn, NI.