Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I have often been challenged about never losing the spirit of a learner. It's so easy to be stuffed so full of information and knowledge that we fool ourselves into imagining we have an elevated position. Yet one of the highest places to be is on mount humility, always looking, always open, always ready to learn.

Leonard Sweet - a great observer and writer - has a wonderful litany of transformation posted on his web site....from learned to learner.... he writes...

I used to be a learned professor. Now I'm a learner.
When I was learned, life was a quiz show. Now that I'm a learner, life is a discovery channel.
When I was learned, it was a question of how much I knew. Now that I'm a learner, it's a question of how much I'm being stretched.
When I was learned, knowledge was everything. Now that I'm a learner, kindness is everything.

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