Monday, July 24, 2006


Last Saturday, the Olympic Stadium in Berlin opened its gates to approximately 22,000 people from over 30 nations. Centre stage was not given to the sport of football or the music of rock n roll, but to the Global God who scored the greatest victory through Jesus Christ! Thousands gathered there to worship and pray and make their voices heard within a city that was already crowded with worshippers of a different kind who were simultaneously celebrating at the famous Love Parade.

But what a different sound filled the air above the olympic-ringed temple. Worship leaders, musicians and pastors - known and unknown, german and english, american and hungarian, korean and brazillian - played their part as the programme rolled on throughout the day. They may have been leading the songs which became the prayers of the people; their faces may have been the focus of eyes on the huge video screens, they may have been the industry saints of the contemporary church...but all of that found its rightful place within a much larger symphony.

It was the sound of the people, the street saints of God, encircling the stadium with the passionate notes of salvation that made the ground shake with the promise of Who is to come!

Saturday July 15th 2006 was not really about Saturday July 15th 2006. Most of the faces and features will fade away. But it was a timely moment for people from all over the world to proclaim the ageless message of a Saviour who truly is the only way.

It was great to be a part of it.


melani said...

You make me wish I were there! What an intensity that surely shook the earth!

Andrew J. Booth said...

Wish I was there too!