Sunday, August 13, 2006


My week in Samos as a ministry leader for Mastersun reminded me that you are never too old to face your fears!!

I am not a water baby and being so close to the sea has never really enthralled me into freestyle swimming and underwater snorkelling. However, after a lot of encouragement and hot weather, I ventured onto a catermaran and a small yacht. (On separate ocassions of course!)

The yacht was a particular challenge as it required me to 'ready about' and 'leo' - sailing lingo for important manoeveres! Not only did we go too near Turkey requiring a rescue boat to come and herd us back, but we also had spinnaker issues! But I live to tell the tale, and some of me enjoyed the experience. I had a great crew!!!!

As you can see by the picture, my presence on the catermaran was too dangerous for Sam the waterfront man....I got on, he jumped off!!!


Andrew J. Booth said...

Nice one Sue - you are almost ready to go out during a thunderstorm!!

nigelhaywood said...

You hide your talents too well young lady !! Rumour has it that offers of round world sailing adventures are pouring in !!

Also some churches are now rumoured to be investigating capsize / manover board baptisms ala Jonah!!

Bad news there is little sailing in Uganda !!

Good Luck !

David Lurcook said...

Good to be part of your crew - we had to face our fears too! Nearly created an 'international incident' by sailing into Turkish waters! After you left 'Skipper Nigel' was reprimanded on several occasions - once for capsizing his wife in a double canoe!
It was really great to spend that week with you in Samos - those late evenings spent in the Calypso Taverna (Maria's!)!!
We thank God for your ministry, your fellowship, your friendship and for being 'real' - thanks for being good fun too!
Hope all goes well in Uganda.
Keep on sailing!!

David and Val

Sue Rinaldi said...

writing this from uganda!!! Thanks for all your comments crew!! No sailing here...but plenty of other adventures...too many to mention here, but as soon as I get home I will tell ou all about it!! better go, another power cut is near!!!


Benjamin said...

Now that you've faced your fears, I think you're ready to lead us in some interpretive dancing when you come in September.

not Graham said...

Stumbled across this after looking at some Mastersun stuff (their bankruptcy) and thought I wonder what Sue looks like these days - found your blog and then a picture of Sam jumping off a boat because you had got on!!

Funny the things you find on the internet.

We went for a trip to Samos ourselves in Sept to see Sam and met up with Mick and Pam! Small world.

Dave (our other son) met Joel (B) at church in Manchester this last weekend. They are both at Uni there. Even smaller world.

Good to see what you are up to.


not Graham said...
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