Monday, September 18, 2006


Back in the UK after an amazing few weeks. 16 days in Uganda leading worship and speaking at a youth conference and then 1 week leading worship in France at Spring Harvest.
I will write more about Uganda shortly...but it was quite an adventure! The people are rich in beauty and courage and the youth at the conference were hungry for God! The Christians we met place so much value on gathering and praying and worshipping!! And the children were glowingly cute and lovely!! The challenges they all face are many! 2 things we take for granted - water and power - are unpredictable and polluted and the need for education and training is overwhelming! But it was an amzing trip, and I can still smell the chipati's at the market!
The french week was a God send...especially after 16 days of washing in bowls of water and wondering when the power would return!! Not to mention the chaotic time structures of the meetings!! But the Spring harvest houseparty was a delight and the weather and the beaches were incredible!! I even went canoeing...extending my water skills after samos!!
I will post pictures soon of the Uganda trip!


nigelhaywood said...

Wow you sure got under the skin of africa and glad it sounds like you were well protected from any sick bugs (or are you saving us the details!.
Presume the chaotic timing relates to africa, when youe meet when the sun is just 'that 'far past the next tree on the right ! rather than french spring harvest which presumably uses atomic timing !!!

Look forward to hearing more of your adventures
God bless you and we give thanks for his protection over you these past weeks .

Val Lurcook said...

We continue to be amazed by your ever increasing challenges on the water Sue,not only sailing in Samos but now canoeing in France!Skipper Nigel would be impressed!(Hope you remembered to Ready About as you were paddling)Whatever will the next water adventure be,maybe shooting the rapids in some far flung part of the world...let us know!God Bless.

Miriam Kujak said...

Hi, Sue. I go to Heartland in Fort Wayne and I just wanted to let you know that it was such a blessing to have you with us. And I so appreciated the message you brought. I have a little story about it on my blog:
Bless you, and keep on!