Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's always good to get the creative juices stirred up by watching someone else in concert or by going to an art exhibition. Last night I ventured to Brighton to hear the unique Imogen Heap. Only recently has she invaded my space but it was an amazingly refreshing experience. She is a girl with gadgets, building up tracks as she plays and handling vocoders and samplers as if they were child's toys. She has an eccentric simplicity and a huge capacity for making music that leaves you shouting for more. She is definitely one artist to look out for. Her concerts are a work of wonder. Long live the spirit of originality!!

I was recently asked a question about how we can stay 'out of the box'. As I was considering my reply, a friend remarked that it's probably best not to get in the box in the first place!!! There were no boxes on stage last night!!

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Anonymous said...

There is a box? *G* Hey have some good pics of you from Dayton... let me know where to send them and I'll email or snail mail you copies. :)