Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I am posting on my website ( a new series of semi-edited teachings from my visit this autumn to a great church in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The various talks have been condensed into individual 5 minute soundbites and are in essence, short ventures into creative spaces.
The first in the series is based on a quote by the French painter and artist, Henri Matisse.
“An artist must never be a prisoner. An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success"
So, if you have a spare five minutes, take a listen...I hope they will provoke and inspire. The first is looking at 'Boxes' and features voices from some of the artists at the creative gathering in Fort Wayne.


Andrew J. Booth said...

Really enjoyed the podcast - great format for you!

Liz Babbs said...

Hi Sue
Yep I really enjoyed the podcast too. Look forward to hearing more.
Sorry, don't know how to do the cool headless pic signature - looks painful anyway!
Liz Babbs

Ronni said...

YAY! NO box! (I told you I didn't see a box...) ;)