Sunday, December 10, 2006


I was involved in a songwriters consultation this week. We had some great teaching on Psalms and were taken on a journey through the 3 types of Psalms - 'Orientation' (well being, praise), 'Dis-orientation' (lament,confusion,dismay), and 'Re-orientation' (a new perspective).

"The spirituality of the psalms is a spirituality of embrace. An embrace that holds onto God and the world with equal dedication".

Psalms are entrances into another world, portals into reality, revealing God's view of the world. When approaching Psalms we were encouraged to process the following questions. 1.What is our experience? 2. What interpretation does Psalm give to our experience? 3. What is Gods view? 4. What do we need to do to step into new reality?
Sounds very matrix!! But my eyes have been opened. I will write some more later!!

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