Monday, April 16, 2007


Concerts en fact, concerts after Mass.
Had a great evening concert in a large church last night. Many were there, young and old. Usually we set up before mass, then move everything out of their way for evening mass, and then we hurry like mad to set it all up again as people watch in silence!! Always a little embarassing, but even more so for me yesterday, as I tripped very athletically off stage after getting caught up in some of my leads...I managed very daintily to NOT fall over as people watched in hushed tones. Realising the drama of the situation, I simply bowed and said thankyou, to a still silent audience! Good start eh?
This morning I gave 3 consecutive 45 minute concerts to teenagers, as schools sent them over to my place (the church)...It was a great morning...what opportunity to sing and speak about life and God to about 1500 teenagers! Even though Poland is a Catholic country, a lot is changing, and perhaps with each generation the reality of Jesus is diminishing...and distance and rejection to church is increasing..'s a picture of me with a Capuchin Monk...they hosted the concerts....(I'm the one on the left!!!) We spent the night in the Monastry...don't think they usually have many girls stay over...It was a really interesting time...and the concerts were very well received...
and I learnt that the cappuchino connection is in the colour of the habits only...

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