Sunday, April 15, 2007

Poland 2007 Day 1

This is the first day of a 13 day tour in Poland...and my 8th time visiting this country. The weather is great, the schedule is busy! Today we travel to the west of Poland to Nowa Sol (New Salt)..named as such because of the salt mines..and I perform a concert in a church run by Capuchin Monks. They are a reformed order of Franciscan monks...and practice austerity, simplicity, poverty and a contemplative lifestyle!!

So I will be staying overnight in a very old monastry and am preparing myself for....simplicity!! Rumour has it that the Capuchin monks invented capucchino! I am holding onto that thought and hoping!!! Then tomorrow, I do a concert for a local Nowa Sol.

Always many adventures, so I will keep u updated. Maybe a few pictures too...But it's an interesting country to visit, especially as it finds its feet in the EU and faces the usual consumer and societal trends and challenges amidst a changing catholic culture.


Liz Babbs said...

If they're reformed monks - does that mean that they were once alcoholics but have now converted to coffee - hence they are now called Cappuccino monks?
Looks like you've done a great job though Sue - bet you're exhausted! Well done.

Anonymous said...


It's Kit/Keith Loring... I thought of you as i do from time to time.. be great to catch up, that is if we don't serendipitously meet up in some far away place. It sounds as if you're having a really interesting time travelling far and wide....I've just come back form Tuva in the heart of Siberia and Cambodia where i'm training people in Arts Therapy which is what I (mostly) do now.

I have no current contact details for you now but you can get to me via this email address: ... mark it FAO Kit (everyone in Ragamuffin knows me as Kit these days and will have no idea who Keith is!)
Love to you - I feel like we're mid way through a conversation started a longtime ago