Sunday, March 04, 2007


Bobbi Brown, the queen of cosmetics, has some wise words to throw into the beauty debate. She is about to turn 50 and says " I accept the ageing process and don't understand what some women out there are doing to themselves. Have surgery or collagen injected into my lips? I'd end up looking like a 50 year old who's had some weird stuff done to herself".

Sounding a little like Anita Roddick she continues, "Who say's it's not beautiful to have thinner lips or lines around the eyes or to be a healthy weight? It incenses me the way some celebs think it's cool to be cadever-like, encouraging other people to feel bad about themselves. Making the natural best of yourself is what my beauty philosophy is all about." Even her ads make a similar point when they encourage us to discover surgery-free ways to look fresher and better...

Now, some people may feel she is simply choosing a clever marketing angle in order to cash in on the opposition to cosmetic alteration and the glorification of size zero, but how refreshing to hear someone speak in favour of the natural enhancing that the ageing process brings...and to celebrate healthy body shape.

Does this wisdom come with age? Do we need to reach 50 in order to become enlightened? Who are the messengers of true beauty for the teens, 20's and 30's? When will we realise that inner beauty is far more precious and that laughter lines are to be celebrated rather than exterminated?


iMan said...

Absolutely agree. I was watching a TV programme on the top eleventy million musicals yesterday. It went on for an eternity and the winner was clearly an editing mistake. I could not help noticing how many of the celebs interviewed had obviously had "work done" on their faces and necks. As a man in his 40's I think that we all continue to become more interesting as we age. I am certainly not interested in plastic Barbie lips, anaesthetised frown lines or paperclipped necks. Am I so unusual though? I think not actually, as is perhaps evidenced in the article you have quoted. Excellent :-)

Liz Babbs said...

Hey Sue - am with you on this. Think I'll have to keep wrinkling as am too squeemish to volunarily undergo any op or painful process! Funnily enough, I was just looking into some Bobby Brown foundation for EP, as it was recommended in a mag.

Samantha Forsell said...

I totally agree with what your saying Sue. The media today is worst then it has ever been when it comes to how people look. Celebrities play a big part in the way we look at our selves today. It seems like there are more and more famous faces changing everyday. Celebrities get surgery to look younger so they will still get job and be in the spot light. The bad thing about plastic surgery is that it can be addicting to most people. Once you get one thing done you want to see what else you can do to make yourself look younger. In all honesty I think most of the people I have seen who have got work done on them, look like a plastic fake Barbie. It’s not attractive at all.
I think more men and women today should let the ageing process take its course. The best thing about natural beauty is the imperfections people have. Imperfections are what make a persons natural beauty come out. Not everyone has perfect noses, shoulders or cheek bones. I have an imperfection of my own. I was born with a birth defect and my left shoulder is higher then my right. My boyfriend tells me my birth defect is just one more thing that makes me beautiful. I was going to have surgery to fix my shoulder but I made the decision not too. I knew by fixing my shoulder it wouldn’t change who I am.
I believe wisdom does come with age, but more with men then women. Men aren’t as self conscious as women. I think at the age of fifty, women can see all the wrinkles and bags on their faces so they want to do something to change that so they can look 40 again. This is common in most people, no one wants to grow old. They want to look young and stay young. I think when it comes to people in their teens, 20’s and 30’s they are looking at celebrities for beauty tips. I think the real messengers in the celebrity world are Tyra Banks, Jessica Biel, and Kirstie Alley. They are women who don’t care if they can’t fit into a size two and they don’t care about plastic surgery. All three girls have a lot of inner and outer natural beauty. I think the inner beauty in people is what matters and not just the way they look on the outside.