Thursday, May 17, 2007


Had a great time in Fort Wayne, Indiana, teaching a module called 'Creativity, Worship and PostModernity' as part of a contemporary worship course called Presence. The course consisted of 4 separate modules and attracted about 50 students each time.

My title sounds pretty heavyweight, but I loved researching and adding to my understanding about creative / immersive worship expressions and relevant cultural indicators affecting and challenging us today and for the future. We spent a good amount of time constructing a worship experience which was multi sensory and communal. I think it opened the eyes of the students to a wider understanding of corporate worship and areas of creativity and contemplation.

Then I came back to the Uk to teach on a YWAM School of Worship about songwriting. That was fun too...and the students ended up writing some pretty good songs! They were all better than the UK Eurovison song contest entry!!

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Andrew J. Booth said...

so good to see you!