Thursday, June 07, 2007

Where Did The Sun Go?

Just returned from leading worship at the Spring Harvest site in France. Beautiful location, great beaches, and a very nice campsite. Had a great team to work alongside...met some good people, helpful teaching, inspiring meetings...wonderful table tennis games......but the only thing missing was the SUN?

Most days we had rain...lots of it was quite cold! I remember being here last September, the weather was amazing...and so the difference was quite hard to adjust to.

Anyhow...we made the most of it...still went out and explored, spent time reading, eating french pastries..and my friend Steph took these pictures of my fight with the umbrella during a heavy downpour on top of the dunes!!

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Andrew J. Booth said...

Hey Sue, sorry about the weather. Fantastic pics - nice one Steph!