Thursday, June 14, 2007

G Force

I'm just about to embark on a G adventure. Today I was filmed for God Tv, on Saturday I fly to Geneva for worship and teaching events and then straight onto Glasgow to lead worship at a God, Geneva, Glasgow...a trinity in G.

Had a fun time today recording an interview for the Rob Frost Show which is a series of chat shows aired on God Tv. The main topic was Image and Identity. Other guests included a magician/comedian, an actor, and a jewellry maker. Very eclectic! I will let you all know when the series starts.

Maybe more G's will turn a holiday in Greece...or a surprise Gift?


Jack Keenan said...

Sue, this weekend you moved on from G to H. Heaven to Earth was inspired by Holy Spirit. Thanks for leading worship at QP it was a great experience. God bless you!

Jack ( Fri/Sat guitarist)

Tabitha said...

You write very well.