Thursday, June 28, 2007

Moving onto the letter N

Well..the time in Geneva and Glasgow went really well. Lots of live music/worship and lots of rehearsing with different musicians...kept me on my toes!! I did the whole trip on Easyjet...and I must confess...the whole system seems to turn people of ALL ages into EASYYOBS...pushing, shoving, queueing....what is it about human beings??? We even gather around the luggage carousal when our luggage isn't coming..blocking everyone else's view!!! I kept wondering how we have all gotten so IMPATIENT.

Today I am off to Nottingham to lead worship at 2 events plus a radio interview, alongside a friend called Liz Babbs, who will provide reflective meditations...

Just heard Annie Lennox is about 2 bring out a new CD...about time!!! She is a very thoughtful lady!!! I like that.

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