Sunday, January 15, 2012

All Things Spice

Here I am at the start of my second trip to a place close to Mumbai called Lonavala. I am teaching at a Creative Arts School DTS and a contributor to an Arts Gathering at the end of January which is 'gathering' artists from all over India. Occasional stand alone worship events in Pune plus a Hotel concert await time is FULL..and I shall keep you informed of the varied happenings that will surely come my way.

My travel day yesterday was eventful with police helicopters on Heathrow runway and roadworks on Mumbai runway...causing delays on the ground both ways...and then a Conveyor Belt breakdown made my luggage wait very intrepid...late night/early morning hour...hundreds of people and thousands of bags...and apparently the closer you stand to the conveyor belt, the quicker the bag arrives!!!! What is that about??

Tomorrow starts early...and if you know anything about me, it's that I do not like mornings!! But it's going to be exciting seeing what will happen here amongst artists who love God..within an amazing and challenging country.

I LOVE Indian food and my first rice and dhal was quite delicious..the same awaits me tomorrow...and the day after...but thankfully the crisp manufacturers will provide in a very India-tastic kind of way!! As you can Salt & Vinegar here!!

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